Wednesday, 19 March 2014

// 52 # 7 //

it was only a matter of time before i fell behind with blogging on a regular basis. oh well - in my defence it has been rather manic here of late.
So a quick round up:
// photographing my own jewellery - this is part of my autumn/winter stock and i only have one or two of these left so hopefully i can sell the rest on etsy // very poorly over March so no beer // students crafting, this felted bracelet was made by a father and his daughter at a local school project i work on // my profile pic on twitter - just setting myself up there as well.

Thursday, 20 February 2014

// 52 # 6 //

i noticed the blog has looked very outdoorsy over the last few posts. this has a lot to do with the fact that during the week i spend half of my time working from home as a self employed person - no one to talk to most of the time, no money and cabin fever - which means the moment i get a opportunity to go walking with husbondo i grab it. it is also a great way to procrastinate.

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

// the storm //

recently the weather in good old blighty has been a bit awful. we have been battered by storms and suffered a lot of rain fall leading to flooding. pops and i have been very lucky in our part of the world compared to other parts of britain but we still have to be aware. thankfully the river by our house is cleaned on a regular basis - with pops and i helping out one year -  and after any major rainfall pops and i usually go and check the level of the river. it can also be a nice walk.

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

// 52 # 5 //


ok so i have fallen behind with 52 weeks so be prepared to be bombarded. just round the corner from where i live and another walk - this time around bournville - home of cadbury!
1 - pretty lady fountain - not turned on in all this rain
2 - a guide to the grounds that are still used by the local community
3 - me looking very soggy. britain generally is very wet at the moment. btw, i don't normally pout but due to the weathery conditions pouting meant my glasses didn't get steamed up!
4 - selly manor - dead old
5 - row of shops
6 - the rest house - pretty gifts inside
7 - all the places of interest all in a 360 degree turn
8 - just tucked around the back of this local artist and gift shop is a lovely little tea shop which surprisingly i frequent quite a lot!

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

// 52 # 4 //

i'd love to do some kind of jogging type of keep fit but two things stop me from doing this - one, i look at other people who jog (especially in this cold weather) and their legs and faces are bright red from cold and two, i don't think my arthritic knees would thank me.
so i decided walking is best and that way I can practice with husbondo's canon camera.
so one Friday I took myself off for a quiet stroll around a local park. by the way, it was freezing.

Thursday, 23 January 2014

// 52 # 3 //

if you live in the west midlands part of england at some point between the ages of 4 and 10 your school will take you on a day trip to dudley zoo. i think i was 6 or 7. i bought the 3 deers with my spending money. one for dad (i'm sure it was one of the highlights of his life), one for mom and one for me. bless my mom she kept all three displayed on a shelf in her house right up until last week when she moved and i asked for them to keep. now my husband is overly happy that the 3 have come to live with us...not!

Monday, 20 January 2014

// 52 # 2 //

a week behind but last week was manic. moved my mom into a new 'older person friendly' apartment - which meant moving out of the house she has lived in for the last 40 years. lots of stuff!!!! i got a tea set ( i say 'a tea set' because there was more than one) but this was my favourite. when i was little and it was my birthday, mom and dad would throw a birthday tea party and this tea set was always used. not sure where the other two cups came from but somehow they ended up at my house?

and a massive whoop of excitement to receive my calendar from donna at hung up on retro. it is ab fab - hubby is still chuckling at sauna pants! it makes booking work events and other stuff much better